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Here, you can do your research using a variety of data sources, test your strategy over historical data, and then test it going forward with live data.Top-performing algorithms will be offered investment allocations, and those algorithm authors will share in the profits.

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That means that when your algorithm asks for a price of a specific asset, it gets the price of that asset at the time of the simulation.

For futures, as-traded prices are derived from electronic trade data.

It is also used for analyzing the past performance of algorithms.

The IDE (interactive development environment) is used for writing algorithms and kicking off backtests using historical data.

The data, from Morningstar, consists of over 600 metrics measuring the financial performance of companies and is derived from their public filings.

The most common use of this data is to filter down to a sub-set of securities for use in an algorithm.

The Quantopian platform consists of several linked components.

The Quantopian Research platform is an IPython notebook environment that is used for research and data analysis during algorithm creation.

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