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Learson wanted to leave a secure corporate job and go on her own as a personal trainer, but doubted she could make enough to support herself and her daughter.“I just didn’t think I could be successful,” she says.It was through her employer, online shoe retailer Zappos, that Learson got the tools and encouragement she needed.

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Learson left Zappos, began learning the ropes of personal training under a mentor’s guidance and is seeking to become certified.

The style of encouragement and support that Scott provided Learson has applications not only in major life changes, but also in business.

“Vikki gave me the perspective and confidence to do this.

I think coaching always brings you back to who you are and what you want.” The concept of coaching isn’t new.

Industry Boom Coaching is a booming international industry.

In a global study released in 2012, the Lexington, Ky.-based International Coach Federation (ICF), the industry’s largest trade association, estimated about 41,300 active professional coaches worldwide generated nearly billion in annual revenue.

The prospect of an unknown future in another field, however, “kept me awake for many weeks,” she says. Today Howard-Wright lives in San Francisco, where she is co-founder of a television consulting business.

She also takes fashion design classes to prepare her for the day when she has her own label.

Brock—who wrote a book about the roots and emergence of the profession—says coaching concepts slowly seeped into business management, and by the 1990s, the profession saw explosive growth when Thomas Leonard created the first coaching curriculum.

Coaching and motivational speaking have made some practitioners rich and famous.

Scott taught Learson to limit the negative influences around her and become more purposeful.

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