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I had heard about the open position through an acquaintance, so I think that my interview was a bit more low key than it would have been for others.Generally, though, it’s not the kind of job that you put a resume in for.

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I think one time I told a client that his regular lady was running late because I was a “hard ass” and had made her fold some towels. She was probably actually still with another client, and I never liked telling a client that.

With most jobs, no matter how exotic or unusual, at some point they start feeling mundane.

As a receptionist, you have to keep the girls, the clients, and management happy.

That might mean making sure that you ring the pizza place on behalf of one of the girls, to make sure that she can have lunch on time, so that she doesn’t keep her regular client waiting, because if you upset him he’ll only book for two hours and not three!

Sometimes the girls were difficult too, and that was hard to deal with at 3 am.

For the most part, what society tells you about sex workers (at least here, in a legalised industry) is completely wrong.

Most of the girls are normal and trustworthy and a joy to work with.

But this means that the rare few who were on drugs were so much more difficult to work with in comparison.

Note: I don’t generally like to refer to adult woman as “girls” and I’m not much of a fan of the word “lady” either, but these seem to be common industry-speak.

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