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I understand that two differing origins traditions were fused together in the Late Iron II period (ca.

1000-562 BCE) by the Israelite/Judaean descendants of the _intermarriages_ between native Late Bronze Age Canaanites and invading Aramean Israelites of Iron I ( ca. Judges 3:5-7), these Iron II descendants, desiring to preserve the origins traditions of "both" their forefathers, Canaanite and Aramean, fused the two traditions into one.

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For example one form of Ra is the god Horus, another the goddess Isis." The Old Kingdom Pyramid Texts of Dynasties 5 and 6 (Pharaohs Unas, Teti, Pepy I, Merenre Antyemsaf, and Pepy II, ca. that is, that Thuthmose, like Pepi, will become a Golden Calf riding the Solar Bark for all eternity? According to Allen, the Pyramid Texts reveal that the deceased Pharaoh not only saw himself riding a solar bark for all eternity, but that he would also dwell in the night sky for all eternity as "an imperishable star." Perhaps the star over the calf's back is such an allusion?

2375-2184 BCE) mention the deceased Pharaoh as a Golden Calf born of the heavens (in Egyptian myth, recalling that the heavens were seen as a cow goddess, either Hathor or Nut, giving birth to the sun at dawn): Pinch noted that the divine cow (Hathor, Nut, Mehet-weret, cf. 175) is portrayed as suckling Pharaoh, frequently in a papyrus marsh, alluding to a myth where she protects the newborn Horus from his uncle Seth who seeks his life. "In their content and arrangement, the Pyramid Texts reflect a vision of the afterlife modeled on the nightly journey of the sun through the Duat (the netherworld) on its way to rebirth at dawn.

The sun calf becomes a mighty bull at noon, and at sunset the sun-bull impregnates his mother, the heavens (the sky goddess cow), in order to be born of her the next morning.

A number of gods were closely associated as aspects of the sun god, Horus, Ra-Horahty, Khepri, Re, Amun-Re, Atum, Min, Hathor, Isis, and even the Sphinx.

The archaeological evidence "ought to be" of Egyptian pottery of these eras along with Amalekite as well as Midianite wares. A number of scholars possess a "mindset" that as Israel had recently fled from Egypt as slaves that she would avoid these Egyptian installations like the plague!

The thought, consequently, never crossed their minds that these mining camps might be nucleus to the Exodus traditions.

Pinch notes that Hathor is frequently shown in cow form with a beaded menant necklace on the Solar bark which carries the sun-god in the heavens (cf. The Pyramid Texts, however, also contain evidence of an earlier "stellar" concept, in which the deceased's spirit became one of the "imperishable stars" in the northern sky.

Perhaps, for this reason, the corridor leading from the tomb emerges in the pyramid's northern face, rather than on the eastern (the direction of sunrise)." walking between two turquoise colored trees as a sun rises above.

This article explores the cult of Hathor and its relation to the Exodus' Golden Calf incident.

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