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We're a superficial bunch, but it's the name of the game when it comes to online dating.

We're not saying that your grandparents aren't cool people (they're admittedly some of the most awesome people around), but they really just don't belong on an online dating site.

And, you're only hurting your cause by giving us a sneak peak of what you will look like in fifty years...which we're really trying to avoid thinking about as we're determining if we want to sleep with you (or not). If we were to use a sound instead of words to describe the feeling we get when we see you and your Nana arm-in-arm at graduation it'd be, "." Show us you've got a dick where that zipper is and get your Grammy outta there.

Save the baby pictures for when you're eight months into the relationship, going back home with your girlfriend, and thinking it'll be fun for her to "ooh" and "ahh" over what you looked like when you were small.

Baby pictures mean that you were cuter when you were five than you are now at twenty-five.

Pass over you entirely because we don't know who you are and your half-decent friends aren't enough to entice us or 2.

We'll start chatting you up in hopes that you'll introduce us to your hot friend.Either way you're going to lose out, so you might as well just reveal who you are before you're doubly insulted.If your crew isn't even all that great, that group photo really jeopardizes everyone's reputation.Save those funny photos for when we look you up on Facebook later. Would you want your future boss knowing that you got so drunk you face planted into slice of pizza on the side of the street? This isn't "Catfish," it's real-world dating and you're cheating.The idea is to be consistent -- if you try to confuse us with a great professional photo mixed with a horrible one, we're going to completely skip you over because we know that you're falsely representing yourself.Posing with your grandma is dorky, plain and simple.

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