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Another treatment that is available is Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT), which helps people with BPD with their capacity to ‘mentalise’, or to think about their thoughts and to analyse their usefulness and reality. “I was at such a distress level when I went in that I needed it.

‘I wouldn’t be here right now’ Courtney got the right treatment at a time when she needed it most. It was literally that that was the only option for me.

Comparing life before her time in hospital to now, things are radically different for Courtney.

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According to the HSE, the best understanding of BPD is as a disorder of mood and of a person’s ability to interact with others.

Roughly 2% of the Irish population suffer with BPD.

“And I did start to get into this thing of ‘it’d be so much easier for my family if I wasn’t around’, ‘it’d be so much easier for my boyfriend to not have to worry about me’, ‘my friends don’t really care about me’ – all this stuff that wasn’t true, but that I was able to convince myself was the reality.” For people who suspect they may have BPD, Dr.

Kelly says seeking medical assistance is the first thing to do.

“The first step is probably to go to see their GP, who might be able to advise them as to whether or not further assistance is needed,” he says.

“There’s also a primary care service that can offer short term psychological input that people can find very helpful, particularly during crisis periods, and very often Borderline Personality Disorder is characterised by recurring crises.” Treatments available There are currently three main treatment centres in Ireland for BPD. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin and Cluain Mhuire offer therapy based on the DBT model.Courtney Smyth is a student at IADT in psychology and was diagnosed with BPD last year after spending five weeks in St. Since her time there, she has learned how to manage her condition more effectively.But she still has good and bad days with her mental health.“Getting to a point where you’re suicidal, it just feels like the only way out,” Courtney explains.“It’s different for everybody, but for me, I needed an escape.Past events and childhood events are also thought to be an important factor in developing the illness.

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