blind dating review - Dating an aussie man

It is just another convenient excuse women use to not have to ask a man out.

Ironically, women who say “I’m a traditional woman” usually don’t want to live the traditional way of a woman from the 1950’s.

The women who are triggered by this dating inequality will often say “oh its not a big deal” and “there are far more important issues to discuss”.

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Besides, why does a woman even need to fear rejection, when she has a much higher chance rate of a man saying yes?

You often hear feminists saying that “men can’t handle rejection” so they get angry or lash out. They probably just got rejected for the 100th time because they weren’t in the top 10% of men that women go after. I’m sure if women were rejected over and over so many times, they too would become angry.

The dating inequality that men face is no trivial issue.

Rejection after rejection leads to a low self esteem, which leads to depression/loneliness, which can often lead to suicide.

When you ask women why the man should do the approaching, they respond with various excuses.

Some examples are “I’m a traditional woman” or “I’m too shy” or “I’m afraid of rejection”.Women have thousands of options available to them, so they are even less likely to ever initiate any messages.As a consequence, the online world allows women to truly exercise their hypergamous nature.I have lost count at the number of times so called “anti-feminist women” in the Anti-Feminism Australia Facebook Group have been triggered at the suggestion of women giving up some of this power.These women are quite happy to support all other issues except this one. because this is the only issue that personally affects them, and to a huge degree.Some women falsely believe that men prefer to do the chasing and don’t like being asked out.

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