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(11) Slip hands halfway down blanket, first two fingers outside, other fingers and thumb of each hand inside.

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Stand to heel, each man stands at attention 1 yard in rear of and facing his horse. To put on blanket and surcingle.-The instructor commands: BLANKET. Approach horse on left side, with blanket folded and held as described in paragraph 12. Place blanket well forward on horse's back by tossing the part of blanket over right arm to right side of the horse, still keeping hold of the middle points. Slide blanket once or twice from front to rear to smooth the hair on the horse's back, being careful to raise blanket in bringing it forward. Place blanket with forefinger of left hand on the withers and forefinger of right hand on the loin. Pass buckle end of surcingle over middle of blanket. Buckle surcingle on left side of the horse a little below the edge of blanket. (3) The blanket having been placed on the horse, the instructor commands: SADDLE.

(a) Grasp pommel of saddle with left hand and cantle with right.

(3) The shoulder blades must have free and unhampered movement. The blanket, after being well shaken out, should be folded into six thicknesses, as follows: (1) Hold up by two corners, so that long edge of blanket is up and down.

(4) The weight must be evenly distributed over a surface which extends from the rear of the shoulders to the last true rib. The bits should be of proper width to fit the horse's mouth, the branches of the curb touching lightly the outer surfaces of the lips. (2) Double lengthwise, folded corner between thumb and forefinger of right hand, thumb pointing to left.

(b) Approach horse on left side and place center of saddle on the middle of the horse's back, front end of side bar about four fingerbreadths behind the point of shoulder blade and about the width of a man's hand in rear of double-folded edge of blanket. (d) Pass to right side, adjust cinch and strap, and see that blanket is smooth.

(c) Return to left side and raise blanket slightly under pommel arch so that the withers will not be compressed.(5) Bring hands together, double fold falling outward.(6) Pass folded corner from right hand into left hand.(9) Grasp corners and shake blanket well in order to smooth the folds.(10) Raise blanket and place upper edge between the chin and breast.(4) Inspect to see that the withers are not pressed or pinched. Modified Mc Clellan saddle.-When the modified Mc Clellan saddle is used, the instructions given in a above govern except as indicated below: (1) After saddle has been placed on the horse's neck, pass to right side and see that blanket is smooth, and let down the girth.

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