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As you can see, self-control plays a crucial part in restraining inappropriate and aggressive behaviors.

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Does diabetes directly cause these aggression fits? In order to answer this question, this article will talk about how blood glucose level is closely related to self-control and aggression (often interchangeably known as will power). According to a recent scientific study on the link between low blood glucose level and relationship clashes (Bushman et al, 2014), being hungry makes an individual generally cranky and act more hostile to others.

In the study, couples who are hungry tend to have a much higher tendency to exhibit aggression towards each other and become more impulsive in their reactions.

So what kind of activities can wear out this “muscle”?

Any daily activities that require self-discipline such as forcing yourself to get out of bed early to exercise, resisting from having a soda drink or another cookie with your meal, stopping yourself from smoking, dealing with stressful situations at work and at home, and abstaining yourself from road rage.

For type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin at all and insulin must be administered in the form of a shot.

For type 2 diabetes, the pancreas still produces insulin, but it just needs to be told when to start working.Test strips are completely safe and don’t hurt anything. As an individual with diabetes, you may have experience moments where you feel like you are losing complete control over your emotions and a little thing can make your blood boils.Often times, gauging how much insulin your diabetic friend needs can be a guessing game. The same goes for diabetics when they have a high or low blood sugar.A common way to tell if your diabetic friend has high blood sugar is if they are incredibly thirsty.If they can’t get enough water, then they should probably check their blood sugar and make necessary precautions.

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