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"I'm just trying to keep an open mind."Semenec's daughter, 18-year-old Alia Woodward, lived with the couple for almost a year after Poulin started dating her mother in December 2016 and then moved into their North Bay home in early spring.

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At times he became withdrawn, and "put up walls," said Woodward.

In August, the veteran tried to take his own life, overdosing on his PTSD medications and spending several days in hospital.

As Jennifer Lynne Semenec's children and sister prepare for her April 22 funeral, they are recalling her life — and wondering if former master corporal Marc J.

Poulin's descent into tragedy might have been avoided.

Shelley Foster was Poulin's wife, but he left her last year.

She said in a telephone interview that she is still seeking the details of Poulin's care from Veterans Affairs, and she couldn't say if he was on waiting lists. He had three children with Foster, aged 20, 19 and 18.

"Second, we can't pretend to know all the factors that are going on in that situation."Although she wouldn't comment on specifics of the case, Heber said a case manager can assign a local therapist to a veteran in a small city like North Bay, and provide oversight of their case.

If the veteran moves, a fresh case manager is assigned, she said.

Poulin's PTSD diagnosis extended back to his three tours of duty in Afghanistan, in particular a devastating roadside explosion that killed a close friend and left him with a brain trauma."Marc did get depressed around certain dates: Remembrance Day and the date his friend died in Afghanistan," wrote Shane Mac Donald, who is Poulin's cousin and who sent an email on behalf of his wife's family.

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