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I am just venturing into the grooming profession, alongside studying to become a dog behavior counselor and trainer.

I live in Cyprus where a frequent practice of vets is to sedate dogs for grooming sessions, thus reducing the time needed and making it easier on them. Instead, the calm, assertive, loving approach works with most dogs.

There is an oral sedative that your vet can dispense, it is called Ace (Acepromazine).

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If such dogs were used to being handled and well-socialized, most likely they would accept being groomed as a normal part of life.

If you feel so strongly about “turning them around,” by all means give it a try, but you must exercise great caution.

The usual method is to have the dog stand on your table so you can brush and clipper your way around the body, observing pattern lines, blending areas as you work, and seeing how the coat hangs and shapes up as you clip and scissor.

With an unconscious animal, you must roll its body over to brush each area while any styling you do would probably involve clipping the coat down short.

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It’s almost impossible to style and scissor a dog sprawled on the table rather than standing upright.

I never say never when it comes to teaching a dog to accept grooming, even one who has been routinely sedated, but it takes lots of time and patience. S., owner of several veterinary clinics on Cape Cod, says the practice of sedating dogs for grooming has no negative long-term effects.

Thanks~You should not feed her while she is sedated.

The Ace is not going to knock her out completely but she will be sedated and her swallowing may not be as good.

Make certain she has not had a meal at least 3-4 hours prior to giving it to her. Leave her alone and within 30 mins you will notice that she will be super relax.4- At that point one person controls her head, ideally with a muzzle and the other clips the nail.

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