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I wish there were some easy answers here but as with all things in life it is all about balance and diversifying.

If one chooses to engage in online dating they should also be going to college alumni events, professional conferences, volunteering, joining a running group or whatever it is that one enjoys in life.

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When you are in the 20-30's chances are that your social live is quite active.

You are going out to concerts, dancing, clubbing and so forth thus you are most likely getting many opportunities to meet others who are interested in what you have to say or that think you are beautiful.

And that would be: If you are a heterosexual, decent, middle-aged man and are looking for a loving, caring, meaningful relationship, on-line dating is a great place to meet Ms. (By "decent," I mean you have never been unfaithful or abusive, or engaged in any of the other negative male behaviors commonly discussed here.) As a heterosexual, decent, middle-aged man who, unfortunately, sees divorce a distinct possibility in his future, I find myself increasingly thinking about the on-line dating world. Another problem, as you, a middle aged man will face, is the fact that many middle aged women say they are done playing around and now just want someone to "cuddle with" Lucky you. You asked: "Why do some middle aged and older men think young women would prefer them to a young man? A few years back when I was 39, I too was doing the on-line dating thing.

(No, I have never tried it, only heard about it from divorced friends. In other words: "I've been passed around like a cigarette and now I want you to provide me company for nothing in return." It's pretty depressing out there. I wasn't doing the typical sites; rather I was doing more of the "adult friend finder" sites.

The women I have been speaking about in this blog have a phenomenal amount of poise, grace and confidence which often isn't developed when one is in their 20's.

There should be dating options that match this level of grace as well as enhance not diminsh one's confidence. Great article, you might want to also google b, it offers a free online dating safety tool and offers very good dating safety tips!Relying on online dating alone is insufficient and runs the risk of increasing the risk for anxiety or depression.It is unfortunate that there are not enough alternatives for women in this age range.It's a good thing you start out by stating that this post deals specifically with middle-aged heterosexual women. We men get rejected for all kinds of superficial things when young, then when we get some grey at the temples, younger women are attracted... They monitor your safe arrival home from after a date, and if you don't confirm your safe return they notify your alert conatct person to verify your safety! I believe their expectations may be too high (they may also reek of desperation).Because there's a corollary that it appears someone should do research on and write about. Keep the faith, you CAN find a happy relationship through an online site, although I certainly agree with the author that exploring other ways to meet a man who wants to be in a serious relationship is a good thing. In the same way that you listed all their "fabulous" qualities, those women are looking for perfect men (I'll never understand this phenomenon - the idea that we all deserve the best of everything when most of us are pretty average).Additionally, men out-number women on these sites, so we women have a huge advantage.

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