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The Recon Scout was introduced later than the Trailmaster in 1990, and all version made were black, except for the Sanmai III version in satin. The Sanmai III version was introduced in 2007 with the VG1 core and was made for 7 years with the convex grind by Hattori.

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In the 1990s Cold Steel offered another Trailmaster made in Japan using “400 Series Stainless” designated 16JS.

This is called the 1st generation stainless TM and was only produced for a couple of years.

Dimension comparison: H160-1 Aus8 Overall: 375 mm (14 3/4″) Blade: 242 mm (9 1/2″) blade thickness: 6.8 mm (0.267″) Weight: 465 g (16.4 oz) Cold Steel Trail Master VG-1 core laminate (San Mai III).

Overall: 14 1/2 ” Blade: 9 1/2″ Blade thickness: 5/16″ (0.31mm) Weight: 17.502 oz Fallkniven Northern Lights “Thor” NL1 VG-10 core laminate Overall: 15.15″ (385mm) Blade: 254 mm (10″) blade thickness: 7mm (0.28″) Weight: 520g (18.4 oz) The Hattori H-160 series and the Northern Light series share the exact same stainless guard, leather handle, pommel and screw, with different spacers.

Hattori’s largest Hunting knives are the H160-1 and H160-2 Bowies.

The 160-1 is convex ground whereas the 160-2 is hollow ground. Handle is leather washers and stainless steel guard and pommel.

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Cover tightly and set to rise until doubled, at least an hour.

This model, along with all of Fallkniven’s fixed blades, is made by Hattori, Seki Japan.

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