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The 16th and 17th centuries were another period of decline for Southampton, as other ports such as London competed for business.

The Italian trade dwindled, and the port was generally quiet until the second half of the 18th century.

In , Canute was crowned King of England in Southampton; although he had come as an invader, his twenty-year reign was peaceful and uneventful.

She was built in by William Soper, a burgess of Southampton and clerk of the king's ships, in a dock built for the purpose near Watergate Quay.

The sixth dock was extended twice, and a notch was cut in the end shaped like a ship's bow.

When ships grew larger still, a floating dry dock was ordered from Armstrong Whitworth in Newcastle.

Downstairs were trains to London and facilities for luggage and ships' stores.

The Queen Elizabeth II passenger terminal was opened in to augment and replace it, which remains in regular use.

This quay, dating from on the site now occupied by Town Quay , was the centre of the town's port activities.

She was destroyed by fire on the river Hamble in Trade with Genoa and Venice began and flourished, traders bringing luxuries such as perfumes, spices and silk and cargoes of alum and woad used to dye wool and returning with English wool and cloth.

History[ edit ] There is evidence of settlement in the area now known as Southampton as far back as the Stone Age , but no evidence of boating or port activity.

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