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And considering our quite real and valid reasons to be afraid, our bravery and trust at all is astounding. So, if you are in or have been or someday might be in this situation, let me say this: I know it’s not easy. Life-threatening danger and yet, the cat lived and landed. We have problems with solutions that we can’t just order off the menu. But if we get in the cockpit of love and are flying, and the scaredy cat child in the psyche is climbing, clinging, meowing, but holding on….

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It can actually be all trauma all of the time for a long time. You can suffer with post-traumatic stress and you still matter.

You can be scared, terrified and uncertain and still you matter. You survived childhood sexual abuse and you are an adult now.

Kirkpatrick joins entertainer Rolf Harris and Hey Dad!

actor Robert Hughes as the latest Australian celebrity to be convicted of sexual abuse.

It’s not my fault I have too, it is not yours either.

Today, I like, want, crave and need sex and can stay present (most of the time) and orgasm. It’s not an accomplishment I can’t put on my resume but I wish I could because it’s gigantic. Because most of my life I knew it impossible for me to be sexually whole, loved, healthy or happy. And last year, for the first time, I had the luxury of being able to ask myself, not But it’s still scary and hard.

But why don’t we talk about this more with each other?

This has been a struggle I have not enjoyed but inherited.

According to the best prevention organization I know of, The Mama Bear Effect: One in three or four females has experienced childhood sexual abuse.

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