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Over the years I’ve had great success with visualization and I’ve seen many family members and friends have the same success using my techniques. Or maybe “I am so thankful that I am now making 0,000 per year”. Perhaps you are in poor health, you could say “I love the way I feel now that I am in perfect health”. So again state your goals as if they already happened or you are in possession of the things you desire.

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Just get as comfortable as you can, including wearing comfy clothes.

You also want to go into a quiet room or somewhere world you will not be disturbed.

Relax First: When you’re going into your visualization sessions you want be as relaxed as possible.

You can do this lying down or in a comfortable chair, whatever suits you best.Visualize that you are wealthy, it already happened, you are wearing brand-new clothes and shoes, driving a brand-new car, living the life you always wanted.You will want to use your visualization sessions at least once a day.Turn off your phone for a while along with the TV, the quieter the better.If you have your own method of getting into a quiet meditative state, feel free to use it.That’s a rough example, but want to write on your goal in as much detail as possible.

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