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Morton pirates I am completely Shaw told all the columns are one thing if you just listen this guy's voice for those games Chris Curtis. Now people might know him another way is just I'm just enjoy it a little bit and hand new listeners to this year I should always in my apartment and have been part of the show now for you don't five and a half years whatever.

A record Callahan show started and what September of 2016 that's correct you Mike risky joins me.

It's it's that one as well there's a big O'Donnell why he's on he's on every weekend he's on the afternoon shall I think a look at I mean.

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I think you are packed in credit you enough in one of the three he didn't play did the OMF three. I have no memory was weeks or even last a full via we've probably 34 months I think he's with can't and I had no memory can sitting. A new so he knew Reese's first two ideas relive agreed Bob you memories that you sitting on the couch.

You've done and and now I thought given to operate hottest car you know I don't get cash or given the pressure we're not De Rozan I'm not impressed with the loose today and true but it's. I loved my love but it is also utterly ruined by the chauffeur while listening yes he was bad he didn't got a brilliant for the media for. (%expletive) crawler find it difficult burden high and let it fly eligible O Paul it's Paul. I was appalled at us postal actor he knows all hold guardians relate polls on the team Paul showed he told the inside story Lucy dating back in the day and he's Beatrice and year old's Paul source and asks. An altered on what you don't I don't after the dollar and I applaud those guys. Being there ever none zero and what happens now one thing. Why couldn't find anybody is right John has gone but it was the stress of you know giving the rotating seat the and got a really great ideas that bag to be fair while we're at the start of our Barbara Meyer the Oscars.

Who is a wet brain and I nearly died shaving a couple years ago good morning Christmas morning miles worth 6000 dollars in credit card that just under three hours I work and other visitors bureau.

But yes your thoughts on to bossy before we get to.

Since last Friday a point effort to play the memorial. Exactly incident off the charts terrible the first one month I was awful for six weeks what was the vote.

I was I was right so I'm an actor I was so there you and I hate each other like we came back the first couple which is almost worse than before you hear more then think big supervision or how you reduce.

— Bret Bielema didn’t know what to expect when he came home on a Thursday night during the season to find his wife, Jen, with a Go Pro and wanting to show off a new piece of art she’d purchased.

The art, part of a home renovation, didn’t necessarily impress him. But I’m like, ‘Well, that’s great’ and act excited.” But the art quickly took a backseat to what he saw he when he turned around. Obviously I’d never had one in my life, so it was pretty cool.” Jen announced the pregnancy with a tweet Friday. “It was actually the SEC media day date was the exact date, so we’ll navigate that,” Bielema said.

Decided to cancel their highest rated show Roseanne followed tweeting with Roseanne compared an African American woman to indicate it's against the clock. And Gerry Callahan is immense we saw part two Dave price as well. And I sort of refine and he sat there and he was it was almost like use.

I don't think so Jim Lockett is hurt right now Greg Monroe today beautiful hands him plate helped them later same thing beaujolais same thing you facilities and what about. Curtis version 2.0 when you don't podcast I don't know the good conversation I was happy he's coming back he's good it's between told a great story about ten that was a great story it's a great lie it was a great line.

He's been that brilliant Dustin Pedroia the station.

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