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They had to work through trust issues with each other, along with the guilt and shame from not following their convictions.

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We also talked with our mentors and another accountability couple about these ideas as we decided what our boundaries would be. So here’s the key to sticking to your boundaries: Don’t go as far as you can right away.

Give yourself space to slowly build up to your boundaries as your relationship grows. This is the one thing I would go back and change if I could.

I once went on a first date to a restaurant with somebody who proceeded to order my food for me. It was many years ago and I remember just sitting, making a mental note to myself that we would never go on a date again.

But here is the thing: I was also unclear to that I was bothered by the action.

” is like trying to get as close as possible to the edge of right and wrong.

Instead, we started asking, “God, how can we honor you in our relationship—even the physical aspect? Suddenly it’s not about how much you can get away with; it’s about how much you can honor God. One of the best things we ever did was “interview” several married couples.

In fact, if you’re in a high school dating relationship, why even get physical? (See 2 Timothy .) That’s what planning ahead is all about. Maybe for you that means not being home alone, or parting ways by 11 p.m., or doing lots of double dates and group outings.

I know it can feel like you’re the only one waiting, but let me tell you: Down the road, it will be worth it. Certain settings lend themselves to “heat-of-the-moment” decisions. If all of this sounds legalistic, I don’t mean it that way.

Otherwise, if you’re just doing the same things for years and years, you’re going to feel rather frustrated! I think James and I started off more serious in our physical relationship than we were in our actual relationship.

Meaning, we were kissing more than we should have been in a new relationship.

I’d gone too far physically, and I’d begun struggling with an eating disorder. My mistakes in that relationship are exactly what God has chosen to use in my life!

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