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The first five seasons of the show (1961-1965) were broadcast on NBC.After the fourth season, both De Fore and Blake left the series.

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In 1965 he portrayed Peter, a Cub Scout, on the Inger Stevens comedy, The Farmer's Daughter in an episode entitled "Ja, Ja, a Thousand Times Ja" (Season 2, Episode 32, Air Date (May 7, 1965).

After Hazel went off the air in 1966, the teenage Bobby, made two more guest appearances on The Virginian and then retired from acting. The Brooklyn-born actress died on October 16, 1992 at her home in North Chatham, Massachusetts after suffering from health problems such as blindness and a broken hip.

he played Bo Lindstom, one of Ella's (Davis) children.

In 1960 Bobby appeared as Buddy on an episode of Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse called "Dr. Ed, "Kiddy Park," he played a small boy in the park where Ed, the talking horse, was giving pony rides. On The Donna Reed Show, Bobby played a crying child in an episode entitled "Mary's Little Lamb" (Season 3, Episode 38, Air Date: June 8, 1961).

While starring in Hazel, Bobby Buntrock made appearances on other television series.

In 1963 he took on the role of Andrew in an episode of the popular TV Western The Virginian ("Brother Thaddeus," Season 2, Episode 7, Air Date: (October 30, 1963).He made made his acting debut n 1959, appearing with Hollywood great Bette Davis on NBC's Wagon Train.In the episode, "The Ella Lindstrom Story" (Season 2, Episode 18, Air Date (February 4, 1959).It isn’t clear if the Cobb County accuser is a biological woman.Cops say they have an open investigation into the case, so they’re keeping details under wraps for now.According to the World Heritage Encyclopedia, the bridge had been severely damaged two years previously in the South Dakota Flood of 1972.

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