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Q, however senses this and freezes Torres before he can fire.Q, after showing his ability, warns the crew of the Enterprise to go back to Earth or they shall most certainly die.

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Blind dating plot summary

Q then changes again, thinking Picard and his crew will be able to identify with the period that he next embodies, that of a soldier in the late 21st century, where Q notes that Humans learned to control their militaries through drugs.

The other officers, not amused with Q's behavior, attempt to make him leave, but Q keeps on heaping disapproval on Humans, noting that when they finally reached deep space, they found enemies to fight out there as well, which Q says is "the same old story all over again." Picard says that Q is the same old story they have been seeing, self-righteous beings who prosecute and judge for things they can't understand nor tolerate.

Data notes that the separation is inadvisable at any warp speed, however, it is theoretically possible, but there can be no margin for error.

Worf returns from engineering, with the report that the engine room is ready, and takes his position at the helm.

Q notes that "prosecute and judge" is an interesting concept.

He then begins to leave, but notes that he will be back and will proceed the way Picard suggests.Captain Jean-Luc Picard takes command of the new starship, the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D, the fifth Federation ship to bear the name Enterprise.The vessel is about to embark on its first mission to Deneb IV, beyond which lies the great unexplored mass of the galaxy.Picard says that it means "to spy, to sneak." Data responds, "Ah, to seek covertly, to go stealthily, to slink, slither, creep, skulk, pussyfoot, gum..." "Yes" Picard interjects, to which Data finishes, ".." Suddenly, Counselor Troi senses a powerful mind.The ship then goes to red alert, with the familiar alert sound blaring through the bridge.Picard, in his log, notes that he is impressed with the size and complexity of the ship as he walks through the Enterprise, surveying engineering, then finally enters the bridge, manned by tactical officer Lieutenant Natasha Yar, Lieutenant Worf, Counselor Deanna Troi and Lieutenant Commander Data.

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