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The women saw that the geeks were worth getting to know and were worth their time, even though the men were not on the same level of superficial attractiveness as them.The men saw that they did have a chance with beautiful women; obviously, not all beauties are willing to look past outward attractiveness, but the men learned that they should not think so lowly of themselves because there are good-looking women who could be attracted to them.

Trying to make the geeks more attractive seems to somewhat defeat the purpose of the show.

Part of the show’s goal is to make the men more confident in themselves, and feeling more attractive on the outside can certainly increase self-esteem, so the makeover idea does have some merit.

The women on the show have high self-confidence and are outspoken; the men are insecure and are intimidated by such beauty, thereby allowing the women to be dominant and more controlling.

Some of the beauties decided (on several occasions in various episodes) to sleep or lounge by the pool instead of studying their given materials, while the geeks were consistently willing to do whatever it took to win the challenges.

The message Beauty and the Geek tries to send, though, is that it is not right for these women to think that simply because they are beautiful, they are entitled to get what they want and think they deserve.

The men are there to teach them (and viewers/society) that beauty is only skin deep and looks certainly are not everything, which is an empowering message for the men on the show and anyone who can relate to them.

I never really would admit that.” Being beautiful and feminine gains these women much attention and power, so much so that it is unnecessary for them to be intelligent or even nice.

In a piece discussing image-based culture, Sut Jhally writes, "Sexuality provides a resource that can be used to get attention and communicate instantly" (253).

Another empowering image in the show is the fostering relationship between a beauty and a geek.

Throughout the third season, Jennylee and Nate grow closer and eventually have a somewhat romantic relationship; relationships emerged in the first two seasons as well.

Beauty and the Geek contains both empowering and overpowering images, thereby sending contradicting messages to the contestants and viewers.

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