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It is all they know and the only option ever presented to them.Fourteen years represents a generation of singles, and it is ample time to determine the results of a social experiment of this magnitude.An entire generation is being taught that they must have a shidduch resume, and anyone who doesn’t might as well take a lifetime lease on a bachelor pad.

It is a conscious decision to stick with the status quo.

Those who take this path have forfeited the right to ever complain about the shidduch world, for they have made their choice and chosen things as they are.

Has the situation for singles improved or gotten worse during this time?

There are numerous factors that come into play, obviously, but a radical innovation like shidduch resumes has surely had a discernible impact in the shidduch world.

Prior to 2004 there is nary a single online result to the term “shidduch resume” or “shidduch profile.” If shidduchim were always conducted this way — as so many proponents of the “system” would have us believe — one can only wonder why shidduch resumes didn’t exist 30 years ago, let alone 3000. The outbreak of the shidduch resume virus began a mere 14 years ago, but it has spread like wildfire ever since, and has overtaken virtually the entire Orthodox Jewish world.

Whoever says the shidduch world cannot change is clearly proven wrong.

Those who pay lip service to “Da’as Torah” to stifle criticism of the “system” must acknowledge that no Rosh Yeshiva or Gadol has ever used one.

The introduction of shidduch resumes into the “system” is actually more recent than my creating End The Madness to bring sanity and true Torah values back to the shidduch world.

This is the way Jews always got married, we will be told.

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