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Almost invariably, sports games on TV and in the movies are extremely close, go down to the wire, and are decided by a crucial, unbelievable, Million-to-One Chance play at the last second.Usually, the game in which this occurs is the grand finale; the championship or playoff game pitting the ragtag underdogs against the seemingly unbeatable Opposing Sports Team.The National Women’s Soccer League embarked on its fourth season this weekend.

Of course, this is not to say that the hero team will necessarily be successful and win the game in this final play.

It's become a trope itself to have the final shot miss, the closing field goal go wide right, or that last deep fly ball to die at the warning track in order to present a Downer Ending and teach an Aesop that you can't always win and that it's okay to lose sometimes.

The international tournament brings together the best female soccer players in the world for the sport’s biggest prize.

And among those players are several out and proud stars as well.

appreciating the athletic abilities of the very talented players in the Women’s World Cup.

Sure, yesterday our beloved Team USA (sorry, rest of the world) fell to the mighty Swedes (but congrats, Sweden).Very distantly related to Critical Existence Failure, which is about video games where only the last hit point counts as far as staying alive or uninjured.In Real Life this is much rarer than in fiction, but it does happen (see examples below).This being the fourth season is a pretty big deal considering the last professional league in the United States, Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS), folded in 2012 after its third season. Teams have one to four (lookin’ at you, Portland) players who also have steady spots on the USWNT.Before that, there was the Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA), which was formed after the United States won the 1999 World Cup. Those players’ schedules are crazy since it’s an Olympic year, but if you have a favorite, watching them play in the NWSL is a cool way to see them shine!There are no officially out Team USA players, though the Swedish head coach of the U. Women’s National Soccer Team, Pia Sundhage came out in a TV interview in January of 2010. The 51-year-old also played professionally and for the Swedish national team.

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