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When he bagged his first investors, he turned the apartment over to his parents, who spoke almost no English.

One was that on several occasions Follieri had wired sums of money totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars to a bank account in Monaco.

The prosecutors offered few details about where this money had come from or why the wire transfers were illegal, other than that they had “probable cause” to believe that the money was fraudulently obtained.

Raffaello Follieri had the love of Hollywood princess Anne Hathaway, the illusion of a Vatican imprimatur, an investment partnership with billionaire Ron Burkle, and entrée to Bill Clinton’s inner circle. Now that the 30-year-old Italian entrepreneur has been jailed on fraud and money-laundering charges, the author separates the facts from the fantasy of Follieri and Hathaway’s high-flying life.

Anne Hathaway had broken up with him—sort of—10 days before.

Pasquale is still listed on the Follieri Group’s Web site as its president, and his portly figure had often been seen at Catholic Church events, glad-handing bishops.

For a while, at least, none of the bishops seemed to know that Pasquale, a lawyer and sometime journalist, had been convicted in 2005 by an Italian court of embezzling 0,000 from a company whose assets he’d been asked to manage. and the New York State attorney general’s office investigating the Follieris, Pasquale returned to Italy.

At about midnight, his mobile phone rang: it was Hathaway calling from L. Follieri put the call on speaker so that Bonvicino could hear. From the first, Follieri and Hathaway had had a passionate relationship. Pitman that Follieri likely had hundreds of thousands of dollars in foreign bank accounts, and that he was a flight risk, the more so because he was an Italian citizen.

He was stubborn, she was a drama queen, claim former Follieri staffers. In their conversations, it was always “Hey, baby” this and “Hey, baby” that, as Bonvicino put it. He was still on the phone, talking numbly, when Bonvicino in tears kissed his forehead and left. Judge Pitman set bail at an astronomical million.

(The ruling is reportedly on appeal.) Now with both the F. Raffaello might have gone back to Europe, too, except that Hathaway had urged him to meet her a week or so before at New York’s Gramercy Park Hotel, in between her own far-flung trips to promote her new movie, The breakup, in Paris, had been inconclusive; both Follieri and Hathaway seemed to be having mixed feelings.

Later, online gossip columns would publish speculation that she had cooperated with federal agents, luring Follieri back to New York so he could be arrested.

It was a shocking comedown for the charismatic entrepreneur who’d whisked his actress girlfriend around the world on chartered jets and yachts, who’d stayed in the Dorchester hotel in London, the Ritz in Paris, and the Excelsior in Rome when he wasn’t home in the Olympic Tower duplex overlooking Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

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