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Being able to speak and use French in Canada is like having a superhero power. Doors open, you discover new cultures, and when you come back to Canada with those new experiences, it's as if you were returning to a whole new country.When the time came to choose a university, Montreal was my first choice - and I spent four years at Concordia in the plastic arts program, studying fine arts. I could do my painting, and besides, it was far away from my parents, who lived in Toronto.Jared Leto is one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, and plenty of women have fallen victim to his enviable looks and undeniable charm over the years.

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My best friends are the people I met in Quebec, at the lycée in France, and in New Brunswick. Even if I make mistakes, people respect me more for making the effort.

French continues to be a passport to everywhere; I would never have had the opportunity to be here with you all today if I weren't bilingual. and even if you're not really interested, try to continue to speak, practise, and learn French.

For example, I have an Acadian friend who is a lawyer and completely bilingual - her father is Francophone and her mother is Anglophone.

For work, my friend has to travel in the Acadian Peninsula region.

My boyfriend, whom I got to know in France 13 years ago, told a waiter in a restaurant that he was no longer hungry because he was "plein" - in France, that means pregnant.

But after a few months, I started to express myself better.

I decided to stay in France for the whole year - and then a second year. I worked in a restaurant and decided to study fashion.

All my friends were French, and I refused to speak English.

One day, she needed gas, and when the time came to pay, she added "Peux-tu aussi topper up le windshield wash? In 1999, I won an Amnesty International award for the stories I wrote during the Francophone Summit in Moncton.

When I worked for Maclean's, every week someone would ask me for help with a translation or an interview in French.

So there I was, Amy Cameron, at the boulangerie, having a long, impassioned conversation with the boulanger, or baker.

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