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Events are largely based in Dublin & surrounding counties and some events are run/hosted in other locations around Ireland.

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You need to join Running Amach by clicking on the 'Join Us' button.

Please note: we are asking women who apply to register with our Club....provide a photo or image on their profile page (this helps to jazz up the site). just upload a favourite image, use your first name or a nickname. If you are visiting Dublin you are more than welcome to join temporarily & participate in our Meet Up Events.*Please do not join RA solely to promote your business, sell goods or services.

Your ideas are always welcome ;) You will also have the opportunity to become an Event Host if you wish. 10 engagements & several weddings/civil partnerships :) We have welcomed a few babies to the RA family as well!!

Over 4,200 (yes you read that correctly) Meet Up Events have taken place so far......... 'Running Amach' is a play on the phrase Running Amok.

Others have been forced by this interminable news cycle to relive, reconsider, and reclassify some of the things men have done to them against their will or to search for boundaries in the mess of human interaction.

To anyone bearing witness, #Me Too is writing an alternate history of the workplace, the classroom, the corner store, the dance club, the sidewalk, the friend’s party, and the intimate confines of the romantic relationship.Now, we must contend with the knowledge that the everyday woman, by virtue of existing in the public sphere, has endured untold violations.Actions that once seemed playful or relatively harmless now seem sinister, invisible grease for the wheels of an orchestrated system of humiliation designed to instill self-doubt and fear into women who might have otherwise posed a threat to male control.K., Brett Ratner, John Besh, James Toback, Jesse Lacey, or any of the dozens of other men who’ve been accused of sexual exploitation in recent weeks.Some of these women had already recognized certain incidents from their past as harassment or abuse.Dublin Zoo’s day camps and workshops are designed to encourage the discovery and appreciation of wildlife.

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