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It’s apparently time to consider what kind of work only humans can do, and frantically reorient ourselves toward those roles — lest we be left standing helplessly, as if at the end of some game of robot musical chairs.

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In the movie, Paulie somehow retrofits the functionally complex, male-voiced servant into a female-voiced social companion, of which he finally grows fond (“She loves me! Perhaps for children, care, like a gentle toy bear in overalls, can be genderless.

When it comes to the world of adults, we still default to viewing both service and nurturance as predominantly female areas.

It gets hard to pretend like I haven’t seen a call for help or support, even several, in the middle of my real-work day—whose boundaries are starting to dissolve.

I can somehow lose hours in supportive dialogue with someone who isn’t a particularly close friend, or in internet arguments standing up for my values against strangers I’ll never meet.“I spend too much time on social media” is a privileged complaint in the grand scheme, to be sure.

Azuma Hikari, “Japan’s answer to Alexa,” is a virtual assistant that tells her master she misses him when he’s gone, that she can’t wait for him to get home.

That sort of thing is not only uncomfortably tangled up with sex and submissiveness, but also with companionship, care, and the drip of daily interactions that constitute emotional work in the digital age.

What had been intended as a satire of the smoke and mirrors behind this simulacrum of empathy (and, to an extent, certain therapeutic techniques) became a research highway into the human psyche.

Weizenbaum couldn’t have predicted that so many people would maintain an interest in ELIZA, that they’d feel a bond with her, that they would spend the next decades typing their secrets to her into a glowing screen.

I’m told I should prepare for the day an artificial intelligence takes my job.

This will leave me either destitute and rootless or overwhelmed by a plenitude of time and existential terror, depending on whom you ask.

Perhaps this is because it’s intangible, difficult to quantify and monetize.

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