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All the elderly Germans would cool off or warm up in the library while reading German newspapers.Once, a patron died in his chair there & I was spooked because I had just walked by him.Somehow I would always get my dad to take a walk past the electric train dept hoping he would loosen up on his purse strings.

I have vivid memories of how cold the climate was, and how warm and welcoming the people were. I was enchanted by the food in the cafeteria at the store - the CHEESES! I remember the radio personality Joe Dorsey and his program coming on at 10pm playing the Les Paul instrumental 'Little Rock Getaway'.

If you have an Evinrude outboard from the 1953 era check the boat clamps and if there is a #8 punch mark there that motor passed through my hands.

No AC, of course; we slept with the windows open & Id hear a quartet of neighborhood boys harmonizing on the street corner.

My grandpa lived upstairs in our duplex he was from Sweden & worked as a masseuse at the Pfister Hotel.

Also, I remember crewing freight trains out of the Menominee valley bound for Portage and points West before the first stadium was built and watching hobos coming out of the 'jungle' and clambering aboard our train. When the Braves moved to Milwaukee he would rent a bus on Sundays and take a load of customers to the game.

I skated at the Riverview Roller Rink on the east side.The information you have, from such true and forthcoming folks could be invaluable.As an old kid who grew up there I would think an " NEW old Milwaukee streets" could be a great and prideful civic resource. ex- Milwaukeean Madison, WI & Clark & walked or took the bus everywhere. Boniface & it was a huge event when the old school was torn down & a brand new building came into being.I have a few pictures of his truck and one copy of the logo, but have a hard time finding anyone who remembers much about the company.In Madison at least, the company was legally known as Hollywood Oil Company and I have no idea why. They were the first "gasoline only" stations in the area, and were discounters.We later moved out to the boonies near Mount Mary College.

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