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A manager is interpreted under this policy as an individual who has full supervisory responsibility for an employee, or is responsible for making hiring decisions.

The University is committed to ensuring that job applicants are only asked to respond to questions during the selection process that relate to their skills, abilities and qualifications for the position.

Human Resources is responsible for: • Ensuring the policy is interpreted and applied to promote the University’s interest in supporting a safe and productive work environment for all employees; • Maintaining confidential information as required under this policy and ensuring it is managed in a manner that is consistent with (WWS): The WWS will provide a centralized coordinating function in terms of resolving, tracking and monitoring all employee accommodation issues within the Ryerson community and is available throughout the accommodation process as a resource.

The University is a single employer, and the Human Rights Commission and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board interpret accommodation in a manner consistent with the resources of the entire University.

Therefore, both the employing department and the central administration of the University have a role in providing accommodation to persons with disabilities.

who apply for positions at Ryerson are eligible for accommodation under this process.

Job applicants are responsible for advising the hiring manager, a member of the selection committee or Human Resources of any accommodations that may be required in the selection process.

Managers shall ensure that individuals are not in any way disadvantaged because they have sought or require accommodation.

• The need to consult with appropriate medical and/or disability specialists in order to validate medical and/or disability information, determine individual accommodation requirements and consult on specific accommodation issues is recognized in this policy.

The WWS is also responsible for: • Implementing and making recommendations on all issues relating to the operation and maintenance of the Central Employment Accommodation Fund (CEAF); • Providing information and assistance in identifying external funding that may be available and appropriate resources that may be used at any stage of the accommodation process; • Tracking and maintaining statistics on accommodation, including reports and statistics on the types and costs of accommodations made (without identifying individuals); • Referring issues appropriately to the Assistant Vice President, Human Resources. • Providing front-line support to employees and managers on accommodation issues; • Ensuring that the needs of persons with disabilities are addressed in the recruitment and selection process; • Ensuring adherence to all legislative and collective agreement obligations; • Liaising directly with appropriate internal resources, including Academic Accommodation Services, Human Rights Services, and Workplace Wellbeing Services as well as managers and individual applicants or employees.

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