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There will be revisions to the story so be patient. This is the post that lawyers and law enforcement will find helpful when I get everything up…

The founder Ed Magedson and his employees solicit defamation and its employees create defamation for the purposes of drawing in more defamation so that Ripoff Report investigations and legal services can be sold to law firms and are nothing more than an attempt to get around a lawyers ethical restriction from direct solicitation.

If that is the case, in my opinion, there is no CDA immunity. Xcentric Ventures aka Ripoff Report has won it’s cases by filing a motion to dismiss based upon the CDA.

Many, if not all intellectual property is owned by Duck Bites Holdings, LLC an Arizona corporation and a check of the Arizona Secretary of States office you will find a UCC1 with Jaburg & Wilk on it.

Duck Bites is basically alter ego if Xcentric ventures and is the funding source for Verified Safe.

One of the most interesting stories to catch my eyes in the last few months was this exposé from Chris Bennet at 97th Floor - Google, Your Honeymoon with Rip Off Report Has to Stop.

Looking through Chris' detailed research into the practices of the website and perusing some of the appalling accusations made about the business and its founder, it's shocking that the domain continues to retain its authority.

Here's the basic gist of Chris' arguments: Certainly, if you visit the site (which I won't link to directly), you'll note the exaggerated style and tone of the content suggests a less-than-professional organization.

The site proudly claims not to investigate the comments left by its visitors, and one is forced to wonder if Rip Off Report will truly investigate once a business pays them (or whether they simply remove the listing or add their "all's well" commentary).

They will tell you that Ripoff Report is an “interactive website” that allows users to post comments and that Ripoff Report is immune from liability via (Communications Decency Act) for the posting of third parties unless certain conditions exist that I will discuss later. Ripoff Report is a defamation and lawsuit delivery device.

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