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From the AIS Home Page, access the AIS Taxpayer Screen by selecting the "Case Files" button located on the left side of the home page.

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The 5792 screen on AIS should be updated with "Hold" in the "Issue To" field on the Refund Screen on AIS.

Exam is responsible for notifying Insolvency of any deficiencies or adjustments that result in a refund or credit. Contact with Compliance Services Collection Operations (CSCO) may be needed in situations where the refund hold shows a TC 570 with a Julian date of 999, or ASFR shows a TC 150 for .00 with document code 10 and a Julian date of 887.

Six months are added to the unexpired time (number of days) remaining on the original statute as of the petition date and that total is added to the discharge or dismissal date (or the date the stay was lifted) to establish the new CSED.

IRC § 6503(h)(2) The FI caseworker must contact the Exam ATAT Coordinator to determine if further investigation is needed.

For additional lien and levy designated payment codes, see Section 11 of Document 6209, IRS Processing Codes and Information, which may be viewed online at:

Insolvency must coordinate any FBAR CSED issues closely with Counsel, since the government may have only a short period of time in which to initiate a collection suit after the termination of the bankruptcy case.

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The Insolvency caseworker should contact Exam to determine if a manual refund should be requested or if the credit should remain on the account, pending completion of the examination of the tax return.

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