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I cannot diagnose or treat over the web, I cannot comment on the health care you have already received, and these notes cannot substitute for your own doctor's care. Sometimes I get backlogged, sometimes my E-mail crashes, and sometimes my literature search software crashes.

I am good at helping people find resources and answers. I am active in Health Tap, which provides free medical guidance from your cell phone. If you've not heard from me in a week, post me again.

If you need me, send me an E-mail at [email protected] confidentiality is completely respected. I send my most challenging questions to the medical student pathology interest group, minus the name, but with your E-mail where you can receive a reply.

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In 2050, the plan is for Denmark to be 100 per cent free of fossil fuel and wind energy will make up a very large part of the energy mix by then.

In 2014, turnover in the Danish wind industry amounted to DKK 84.4 billion, an increase of 7.4 per cent from the year before while exports rose by 16.7 per cent to DKK 53.5 billion, which accounts for more than 5 per cent of Denmark’s total exports.

Almost 29,000 people were employed in the industry by the end of 2014, of which 78 per cent are employed in West Denmark.

Total wind energy capacity in Denmark was 4,890 MW by the end of 2014, 3,620 MW onshore and 1,271 MW offshore.

I am a mainstream Christian, a man of science, and a proponent of common sense and common kindness.

I am an outspoken enemy of all the make-believe and bunk that interfere with peoples' health, reasonable freedom, and happiness. Throughout these notes, I am speaking only for myself, and not for any employer, organization, or associate. D., who wrote me encouragement when we were both beginning our unusual medical careers.The first industrial unit is expected to be installed in 2016 off the coast of the UK.Today, more than 40 per cent of Denmark’s energy supply comes from wind power and the plan is to reach 50 per cent by 2020, as set out in the 2012 Energy Act. How about riding a bike instead of catching the tube or the bus on your way to university?If you’re convinced this Nordic nation could be for you, click on the tabs below to find out more about universities in Denmark, applications, fees, student cities and more.Sorry, it appears that we were hacked and re-directed.

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